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31 July 2008 @ 09:32 am
SYTYCD - Not too long thoughts on last night  
I decided to do a SYTYCD write-up after all. (Hint, hint, I loved Mark and Chelsie. Of course.) Behind the cut ...

Mark/Courtney -- Easily the best partner for Mark since Chelsie. I was happy to see that Courtney reminded me of the first weeks of Courtney when I still liked her. They had a lovely chemistry and the waltz was just lovely. And they danced to COOKIE!!!!!!!! And it was a tad bittersweet seeing Mark's reaction to the praise -- sweet because he so deserves it, bitter because his surprise was so there because he's been raked over the coals so unfairly so long. And unlike the vague spoilers I'd heard, he wasn't damned with faint praise at all. It was like glowing. Yayness!!!

Joshua/Katee -- I don't remember a DAMN thing about the routine. Boring. They just completely bore me.

Chelsie -- Good thing she never had to dance for her life, girl pretty much just shakes those amazing hips and extends those gorgeous legs during her solos, but I will give that the ending split was fabulous.

Chelsie/Twitch -- And, AGAIN, third week in a row she gets the pimp-spot, makes me wonder. This was fabulous, Chelsie was fabulous. Twitch? Eh, so-so. I wanted to gag when Mary said he was stellar at everything they've thrown at him. Huh? What the hell? So the times he was fairly criticized or the two Mia routines where he DID NOT DANCE at all were stellar?!?!? WTF??!?! Chelsie, though? DAMN, GIRL!!!!

Mark/Courtney -- I didn't like the routine at first, but it grew on me and was wonderfully done. So glad that Mark's last number got him resounding kudos. YAY!!!!

Joshua/Katee -- Did I mention that they were boring? Yup. Still boring.

Chelsie/Twitch -- FABULOUS! Chelsie was just awesome. Yeah, Twitch was good, his element, but Chelsie!?!? KICK-ASS!! And I LOVED the choreography. Love Tabitha and Napoleon.

Mark -- He got the last solo!! Squee!!! Yay.

Oh, please SYTYCD gods, give me Mark and Chelsie in the final four and I'll be a happy, happy camper!!!!

ETA: Just read Dial-idol results. And Mark and Chelsie are both sitting ridiculously in the bottom. Ah well. I may not bother with watching anything other than group routines and their no-doubt featured briefcase number then. Sigh.

ETA once more: Ahhhh, I found it! Oh, I've never wanted to make an animated gif more than I have when I saw Chelsie fly into his arms and then he spun her and spun her and spun her. Oh, I loved them so.
harper47harper47 on July 31st, 2008 02:45 pm (UTC)
We disagree on a few things but don't give up yet. Mark's raw numbers and the first 15 minutes on the graph are up above Twitch's. And DI isn't always right. Comfort was at the bottom the week Kherington was booted and someone else was at the bottom the week Gev was booted. I honestly think this one is too close to call.

I'm watching the group number and muting again. Because I do expect the worse though. Still I don't see how Nigel gets a hip hop winner with two guys in the final. All of Mark's votes will go to someone else. And he has a lot of votes!