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24 July 2008 @ 09:34 pm
SYTYCD long and rambling results thought process (ooh, fun!!)  
I'm actually watching this live about 20 minutes in (DVR'ed), so commentary ....

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark is safe!!! Oh yeah, baby, baby!!! With Will in the bottom two and Mark safe, I'm wondering if like with Cookie on AI, Nigel just finally bowed to the masses and and decided he would finally give in gracefully and let America actually choose!!!

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Mark!!!!!!!!!!!! And boy was he soooooooo in shock. So in shock.

Go Chelsie!!!!!!!! My girl. Woohoo, now my dream of a Chelsie/Mark final two still lives on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, seriously, I LOVE Cat. I don't think -- no, I KNOW that I have NEVER come even close to loving a reality host more. I just love her, love her, love her. I do believe that Ryan Seacrest does care about the contestants and feels bad, but he's still so slick and puts on the show and he's not able to rise above that showbiz sheen. Cat ALWAYS does. I mean, Twitch on his back on the floor and there Cat went right away, crouching down behind him, seemingly oblivious to anything but his pain. I LOVE CAT DEELEY!!!!

Remember the above I wrote about Nigel gracefully giving in? HAH!! Best two performers last night, my ass!!!!!!!!

Honestly, I'm glad that Courtney is in the bottom, because once she was away from Gev the irritatingness that others saw, I saw too. And while technically I suppose she's a better dancer than Comfort, I like Comfort more and would actually prefer her to stay over Courtney.

I'm so over Will and the stupid fawning -- no, Nigel people didn't vote for him because he's so FUCKING BORING!!!! while Mark is the AWESOME!!! -- that I'm anxious for the results because I SOOOOOOOO want Will to go, go, go.

Aww, man, I wanted Comfort to stay. Oh well. Eek!! Fingers crossed, please go home, Will, PLEASE GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, guy reveal. Literally? Literally?!?! I crossed my fingers going "please be, Will" and then uncrossed them and said aloud, "it will so be Twitch." And then I was quiet. And then Cat opened the envelope and I saw her face and a I had renewed split second of hope and then she said ...

Wait for it ...

Wait for it ...


And LITERALLY I screamed "WHOO!!!!!!!" And then pumped my fist in the air and hollared "YES!!!" I screamed louder for Will's departure than I did Mark's staying.

Oh, boo-fucking-hoo, Nigel, go cry in your pillow tonight. YEAH, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chelsie and Mark all the way!!!

I so gotta make a Chelsie/Mark icon now. I need good pics of them. I do, I do, I do.

harper47harper47 on July 25th, 2008 12:31 pm (UTC)
I know! I know! I had it on mute (which you'll see from my entry) and I had a full on scream fit when he was safe. Damn!

And you know, I was hoping Comfort got further. She grew on me. That was one classy exit. (as opposed to Twitch crying because he was in the Bottom 2. Oh please)

Cat is amazing. Amazing. How did she not get nominated for Reality show host emmy? I love her.

But I just know they are going to give Mark Courtney next week and I don't like her at all. Oh well. Mark needs to just keep dancing his ass off.

Nigel's bitchface? Bwah. And how can he say Twitch is one of the best dancers? How? He leaned against a freaking door! He does good solos in his genre. Period. It's all he can do. Period.

Seriously, Mark is the best male dancer left. And oh I so want him in the Final four. So much. I want to see him dance with Katie, dance with Chelsie and I just want to see him dance.

Did you see Tyce's interview which is all over the net saying Mark is the only star of Season 4? Damn straight. (though I still don't forgive you Tyce for that crappy jazz routine you gave him and Kherington. But that does earn you a few points)

Isn't this a happy day? Whoo hooo!

I need a Mark Icon. If you make them, can I use one?
Arabian: Dancing Cucumberarabian on July 25th, 2008 12:52 pm (UTC)
Okay, I must disagree with Tyce, because hello, CHELSIE!!!!!! But, yeah, I like the comment.

Oh, sure I'll totally work on icons this week, I'll try and make a few so you can choose a Mark one you like.

Yeah, Twitch overreacted a WEE bit about the bottom-two bit, but for me the moment was all about the awesome that is Cat. As for his dancing, yeah, he DIDN'T in Mia's number -- but hey, not the first time Mia's "choreographed" a routine that held no dancing for Twitch. (I like Mia, still, I do. My friend's friend has worked with her -- as in if he had made it to the top 20, Mia wouldn't have been able to be a judge, etc. -- and says she really is truly fabulous. Still that routine was the definition of misogyny.)

I'm okay with Mark getting Coutney, because I think they'll be good. I'd prefer Chelsie (of course), but I think it will be okay. As for Katee, I've tried. I really have. But in her solos she throws her head down WAY too much, and she just bores me as a dancer. I can see how good she is, but she just bores me silly.

But yeh, happy day!!!!
harper47harper47 on July 25th, 2008 01:02 pm (UTC)
Well it will be interesting to see what styles everyone gets. I do think that Katee just might win this. She has far more votes than anyone on Dial Idol and the judges never stop tongue bathing her. I like her (not love but like) but she is unable to pull off sensual and many of her routines were too cutesy (the boat, Georgia Brown) etc.

I just want Mark to get her because I know they would both kill it. But hopefully he could do it with Courtney too. Either way there's no Kherington left for him to get. So yea!!!!
Arabian: Neil & Laceyarabian on July 25th, 2008 01:21 pm (UTC)
Oh, man, if Katee wins? Most boring winner EVER!!!

I really hope Mark gets Chelsie again!!!!!