Arabian (arabian) wrote,

SYTYCD long and rambling results thought process (ooh, fun!!)

I'm actually watching this live about 20 minutes in (DVR'ed), so commentary ....

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark is safe!!! Oh yeah, baby, baby!!! With Will in the bottom two and Mark safe, I'm wondering if like with Cookie on AI, Nigel just finally bowed to the masses and and decided he would finally give in gracefully and let America actually choose!!!

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Mark!!!!!!!!!!!! And boy was he soooooooo in shock. So in shock.

Go Chelsie!!!!!!!! My girl. Woohoo, now my dream of a Chelsie/Mark final two still lives on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, seriously, I LOVE Cat. I don't think -- no, I KNOW that I have NEVER come even close to loving a reality host more. I just love her, love her, love her. I do believe that Ryan Seacrest does care about the contestants and feels bad, but he's still so slick and puts on the show and he's not able to rise above that showbiz sheen. Cat ALWAYS does. I mean, Twitch on his back on the floor and there Cat went right away, crouching down behind him, seemingly oblivious to anything but his pain. I LOVE CAT DEELEY!!!!

Remember the above I wrote about Nigel gracefully giving in? HAH!! Best two performers last night, my ass!!!!!!!!

Honestly, I'm glad that Courtney is in the bottom, because once she was away from Gev the irritatingness that others saw, I saw too. And while technically I suppose she's a better dancer than Comfort, I like Comfort more and would actually prefer her to stay over Courtney.

I'm so over Will and the stupid fawning -- no, Nigel people didn't vote for him because he's so FUCKING BORING!!!! while Mark is the AWESOME!!! -- that I'm anxious for the results because I SOOOOOOOO want Will to go, go, go.

Aww, man, I wanted Comfort to stay. Oh well. Eek!! Fingers crossed, please go home, Will, PLEASE GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, guy reveal. Literally? Literally?!?! I crossed my fingers going "please be, Will" and then uncrossed them and said aloud, "it will so be Twitch." And then I was quiet. And then Cat opened the envelope and I saw her face and a I had renewed split second of hope and then she said ...

Wait for it ...

Wait for it ...


And LITERALLY I screamed "WHOO!!!!!!!" And then pumped my fist in the air and hollared "YES!!!" I screamed louder for Will's departure than I did Mark's staying.

Oh, boo-fucking-hoo, Nigel, go cry in your pillow tonight. YEAH, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chelsie and Mark all the way!!!

I so gotta make a Chelsie/Mark icon now. I need good pics of them. I do, I do, I do.

Tags: chelsie hightower, sytycd, tv

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