Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Dr Horrible -- The Final Act ...

Oh, that was beautiful. Horrible and depressing as hell. But beautiful. Would I have preferred a happy ending? Yeah, but the whole thing was scripted so perfectly, all the pieces falling into place, and that last shot? Oh, just broke my heart.

Neil Patrick Harris?!?!? Oh, who knew that Doogie had THIS much awesomeness? * He's just so, so, so good. Such an incredible actor, great singing voice, so charismatic and real and beautiful and just amazing.

Depressing as hell, yes? But so beautiful. Joss Whedon, whatever your flaws, when you do something right, there's no one better.

* Yes, I know we all know he's awesome from How I Met Your Mother, but this just unveiled a whole new level of awesomeness. He's approaching Donna Noble-like awesomeness, and that's pretty damn near impossible to do if you're not Donna Noble.
Tags: dr horrible, neil patrick harris

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