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SYTYCD results

Chelsie is safe. YAY!!!! If I had called it, it would have been Comfort and Kherrington with Kherrington going home. Why not Comfort? Because I started out blah with the second routine, but was grinning by the end, whereas both of Kherrington's routines were just bad saved only marginally by Mark.

The guys, I thought it would be Mark and Twitch. It never crossed my mind that Gev would be in the bottom two. DAMNIT!!! Ah well, I love Gev, but as soon as it was announced I said to myself, "It might be Mark, I love Gev, but it should be Gev." And it was and I'm bummed that Will (ugh, could he HAVE any less charisma?) and Twitch (and even Joshua, who I love, but come on? Gev?!?!) are still here over Gev, I liked Mark almost as much as Gev and while Gev is the best bboy dancer I think they've had overall, Mark is clearly, clearly superior.

And, aww, did you see Chelsie and Mark hugging off the stage? Double aww.

On the numbers, the Bollywood one was fun, the Mia one was interesting and pretty (and I love Celine Dion and that take on the song so yay!), the Nigel one was good but I did wonder at the Will pimping DURING the number. Upon finding out that Nigel choreographed it, it all made sense.

Ah well, so my hoped for final four is gone. But hey, maybe Chelsie and Mark can still sneak in there. Hey, I can dream!!!!!
Tags: chelsie hightower, sytycd, tv

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