Arabian (arabian) wrote,

The Awesomeness of Dr. Horrible continues

Act II of "Dr. Horrible" ...

- The long quiet stare of Dr. Horrible at the beginning, hah!!
- I LOVED the first song SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. Really, really, REALLY loved it.
- Dr. Horrible (not) ladling soup in the bowl at the soup kitchen with his mustache and evil glare. HAHA!
- I think, no, I know I'm totally shipping Dr. Horrible and Penny!! Seriously. I'm with Dr. Horrible, "trust your instincts!"
- "You're drivin a spork in your leg."
- "They're probably going to french kiss or something."
- "Captain Hammer threw a car at my head."
- Aww, he doesn't want to kill.
- Loving Penny's song too. I liked the songs in the first Act, but I'm LOVING these.
- "Oh, goodness look at my wrist."
- "I don't go to the gym, I'm just naturally like this."
- Oh, this is awesome. Captain Hammer IS the bad guy!!!! Dr. Horrible is the GOOD guy!! YES!!! CH is just using Penny at this point to get to Dr. Horrible and DHwould never do that.
- "The hammer is my penis." ROTL!!!!!!!!!!
- LOVED the third song too. Man, they have SO got to release HQ versions of these songs. REALLY!
- Okay, so maybe not quite good -- he IS planning on killing CH, but CH is not only a tool, but he's a bully.

So yuppers, I'm totally on DH's side. And squeee!!! DH/Billy and Penny almost kissed. Can't wait for Act III!

Go watch it now here!!!!

Sigh, I so need to make an NPH icon!
Tags: dr horrible, neil patrick harris

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