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Eccleston/Piper/The Tennant Viewing to get me through the 'Who' Drought

I know that I still have Doctor Who posts to respond to, I was mostly without internet last week and am still catching up. Anyhoo, since it's early Saturday and my brain is still dead from a long week, mindless stuffies now. I wanted to share my upcoming list of Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper and David Tennant things to watch that I've compiled and/or am getting from Netflix. I'm fairly certain that with all of the following, as well as rewatching (and reviewing) the Rose-Who episodes, I'll get through the upcoming (mostly) Who drought with ease. Fairly certain.

Christopher Eccleston - These are through Netflix, alas, I'm still trying to find Jude as it's not available on Netflix and I haven't seen it in years. The library is my next stop.

- The Second Coming - So excited for this one. Russell T. Davies wrote it. Yay!!!!
- Let Him Have It - Never saw it
- Inspector Morse 16: Second Time Around - Never saw it
- Death and the Compass - Never saw it
- Elizabeth - I watched this one when it came out, but I watched it only once and barely remember it. I look forward to watching it again.
- Existenz - Another one I watched ages ago when it came out, but I don't even remember CE's role in it, it's been so long.
- Masterpiece Theatre: Othello - I never saw it, but REALLY looking forward to this, it got great reviews, with major kudos for CE. Can't wait.
- The Invisible Circus - I never saw it, he's on the DVD cover, so he must have a significant fole. I hope so anyway, because I'm not a Jordana Brewster or Cameron Diaz fan. Sigh.
- The Others - Watched this one -- I love Nicole Kidman, but I honestly don't even remember his role in it. It's another one I watched when it first came out and haven't seen it since.
- Cracker - If I like it (and I think I will), I'll watch all three series, because CE is in all three.
- Revenger's Tragedy nina_ds recommended this one highly, so I look forward to it.
- 28 Days Later - I loved this when I watched it, I love Cillian Murphy, so I'm really looking forward to rewatching it.
- Perfect Parents - I never watched it.
- Lewis & Clark and Other Great Adventures - Never watched it, and good thing I like history, LOL!
- A Price Above Rubies - Never watched it, because it never interested me, but we'll see ...
- The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising - I never saw this, but I did read the first book the series is based upon and this book, so and I'm pretty sure of the character he plays, so good casting.
- Shallow Grave - Oh, I can't wait to watch this one again. I'm pretty positive that this is the second thing I saw him in, but I watched it for Ewan MacGregor, but LOVED, LOVED CE in it.
- The League of Gentleman: Series 3 - Sounds interesting and I do find British humor quite funny, so, we'll see.

Billie Piper ... Much shorter list, some are downloaded and some are on Netflix. I haven't seen any of these.

- Billie Piper music videos/live performances - Yes, I actually downloaded a bunch of these, LOL!
- Mansfield Park - This hasn't had the greatest of reviews, but I'll give it a shot for her.
- Shakespeare Retold - "Much Ado About Nothing." I haven't seen it, but she's in it as well as other actors I like (Damian Lewis!!).
- Ruby in the Smoke - This has had good reviews, and I think I read somewhere that she's doing another one based on the series.
- Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Forget waiting for Showtime, I just got the Brit version.

David Tennant ... Again, a much smaller list.

- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Haven't watched it in a while, but I actually own it, so I'll be watching it again.
- Bright Young Things - Doesn't sound like he has a big part, but it has a lot of actors I like and I like Stephen Fry, so, it's on the list.
- Casanova - I've heard nothing but good about this, so yay!
- Blackpool - I did get it, and I loved musicals, and have seen snippets that look interesting to say the least.

Any thoughts (non-spoilery) on any of the above are appreciated. :)
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