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SYTYCD - top 14

I know, if I'm not writing about Doctor Who, I'm writing about SYTYCD. My lj must be very boring for those not into either right now. Sorry.

Anyhoo, on with tonight's show ...

Jessica/Will - (1st routine) They were boring, but danced it well. And, ooh, no bobbles from Jessica. Other than their boring-ness, my only complaint is that Jessica really should have smiled more during the routine. Hmm, one thing I like about SYTYCD is when they DO give technical details that help explain steps and moves and such. I wouldn't have known those things that Nigel mentioned, I just thought it was good, so that was interesting.

(2nd routine) Could it have been more of a showcase for Will in the beginning? Geez. (Nice chest, though.) I just don't think they have any chemistry, so it didn't sell for me at all. This could have been a great routine with a pair who had that chemistry and connection. Ah well.

Comfort/Thayne - (1st routine) They do have chemistry, and I think are a better pairing than their last two, but something was off. I just can't put my finger on it. I thought Comfort was good, not great, she's just not a dancer in the same league as the others. Thayne, on the other hand, actually impressed me for the first time in this one. Judges: Oh, Mary, I hate when I agree with her, but I do here -- it could have been bigger. And I think that was the off bit for me. Ooh, I agree with Nigel too. Scary, two in a row.

Must be said BROADWAY NOT DONE BY TYCE!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(2nd routine) Yeah, they definitely have chemistry. This was just beautiful, mesmerizing. They wove a spell and Comfort's lines were gorgeous!!! Thayne has officially won me over. Aww, I loved that!! My favorite routine of the night so far. That was just ... wow. Did you hear that silence after they finished before the applause exploded. Beautiful. WOW! LOVED the choreography.

Kourtni/Matt - (1st routine) First of all, I didn't like the choreography (sigh, two weeks in a row for them!, my third fave couple). Second, I like Kourtni, but Matt outdanced her but still both came across as if they were thinking through the steps. Still, I like them and I thought it was a good from a completely biased fan point of view. There were some nice moves, lovely moments and I liked the end. I'm not surprised by the judges' comments, alas.

(2nd routine) Sigh. They're such good dancers, and they looked like they were having a blast and other than the last turn/lift which did look labored, they danced it well. They just don't have chemistry or connection and I think they're going to get kicked off tomorrow night. Ah well.

Chelsie(!!)/Mark - (1st routine) MANDY MOORE!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I didn't love it as much as the last two weeks, but it was still really good and the best of the night so far by far. They really do have a great connection together. I do love them so.

(2nd routine) God, they're amazing. They are both just so. damn. good. I loved this. Second fave of the night (sorry, but yeah, the smooth waltz of Comfort/Thayne is still tops), it was brilliant. I thought her dress was a bit much, but she worked around it beautifully. And they were just so good, such connection, such moves. Such awesomeness!!! (I didn't even notice the feather in her mouth, LOL!)

Kherrington/Twitch - (1st routine) I thought I liked it at first, but that may have been because I was blinded by Twitch's chest (YOWZA!), but yeah, by the end, nah. I didn't. It was lackluster; it lacked ... luster. I don't know if I can put my finger on it. I just ... it just didn't work for me. I mean, honestly, I didn't even notice their dancing. I dunno. Maybe I just don't like them. But, hey, at least she didn't perma-smile through the whole thing. (Yes, Nigel, I was happy about that.)

(2nd routine) The night of the shirtless male, okay. (Not complaining mind you, just pointing it out.) Not enough dancing. And I really wanted to like this one. Ah well. It doesn't help that I don't buy them as a "couple" at all. Amazing? They jumped on and off a bed for about twenty seconds? They ran behind a bed and threw flowers in the air forever? They gyrated a bit on the bed? HOW is that amazing? This is a DANCE competition, there was little dancing in that routine. Whatever, judges.

Katee/Joshua - (1st routine) I'm sorry, but I really just don't like Katee. I just don't. Really. Dude, just in the first moments of dancing, it's so obvious how much better, sharper, in beat Joshua is than her. I don't say this often about Mia Michaels (as many do), but self-indulgent. Eh. Other than the running part, I didn't like it. I love Joshua though. Eh, of course, the judges loved it. Of course. Whatever, Nigel. Blech to Katee.

(2nd routine) Wow, Gerrie, I guess I do like Lacey, after all. LOL! I fastforwarded through the puff piece before their dance and then saw Lacey behind Benji, and thought, "ooh, I want to watch Lacey!" Grumble, grumble after watching it ... not that they mentioned her name. What the hell?!? First Heidi last season gets no name-dropped and now Lacey!?!? WTF?!?! Oh, the routine ... Joshua's great, the routine's okay, but had really awkwardly-danced final moments, and I don't like Katee.

Courtney/Gev - (1st routine) I thought they were good, great attitude, but then I don't know hip-hop and if it's not the lyrical, romantic hip-hop (I know, I'm such a girl), it just won't really do anything for me. But I love Courtney and Gev and I thought they sold it well; I smiled at the end.

(2nd routine) Must pause to say: I LOVE THE COSTUMES! SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE COSTUMES! I was thinking at first I didn't like the choreography, but realized it was because I was looking at it in the wrong way. This truly was a Broadway routine, unlike Tyce's which doesn't feel like Broadway. This choreography does. It was good, but they were a bit off here and there. Not their best dancing-wise, but I thought they acted it beautifully and I just love them, so I'm willing to cut them slack. Because I love them.

Top three ...

- Chelsie/Mark
- Courtney/Gev
- Comfort/Thayne (I know!)

Best routines ...

- Comfort/Thayne - Smooth Waltz
- Chelsie/Mark - Foxtrot

Bottom three ...

- Will/Jessica
- Kourtni/Matt
- can't imagine the third, but I don't think it matters because I'm pretty sure that Kourtni and Matt are going.
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