Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Thought (confused) about 'Who' 4.08/4.09

I don't know why I was thinking of this, but uhm ...

Yeah, Moffat kinda wrote a paradox there with that ending. By River dying/saved in the library at the end there, that rather, kinda totally makes it impossible for her to meet the Doctor later because, well, she's saved in the library. So, in other words, yeah, the whole point of her meeting the Doctor, getting the info she needed to make him trust her so implicitly was all done for her to sacrifice herself for the greater good ... before she even meets him because it's a Doctor who hasn't met her yet at the library. So, therefore, she never met him because she was saved in the library, therefore she couldn't have contacted him to go to the library ...

GAH!!! I'm just gonna say that there wasn't this great connection on the Doctor's side in whatever non-paradoxal way he met her, it was just him doing what he had to do in order to save the thousands of people locked in the library, including Donna, and that because River's in the library now, he'll never meet her.

Yup, works for me. Okay then.
Tags: doctor who, tv

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