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SYTYCD - top 16 ... a couple of FABULOUS numbers!!!

OMG!! It's not a Doctor Who post!!!! What is the world coming to!?!??! Ahem.

Anyhoo, so tonight's So You Think You Can Dance ... - Kherrington/Twitch - Boring. Sorry, I kept expecting it to be over. And it wasn't. And then it wasn't. And then it frickin' wasn't!!!! Whatever, Nigel.

- Courtney/Gev - Wow, that was hot. Like H-O-T!!!!! WHOAH!! It just kept building and building, creating this sensual inferno. Wow. HOT! I watched it twice and it was even hotter the second time. And Gev did soooooooo good!!! I love them. Love them. Love them. Stupid Nigel, comparing to Dominic. I liked Dominic, but Gev is better. Seriously, I was ready to cut a bitch if the judges did NOT like that routine. Good. Cuz it was AWESOME. Really, really HOT!

- Comfort/Chris - Surprisingly enough, I actually liked the choreography. Not so much the dancers dancing it. They were kinda bad. Off-synch constantly, lackluster in their movements. Disappointing. These two SOOOOOOOOOOO should have went home last week. I hate saying this, but I agree with Nigel/Mary. It should have been more animalistic; instead it was ... lackluster. It lacked luster.

- Will/Jessica - They came across as really fake and they have no connection. Boring. And Jessiba bobbled ... again ... and again. And again. And judges on crack ... again. (Okay, in my opinion.) Geez, I so do not see how Will is the second coming. I just. do. not.

- Matt/Kourtni - Okay, so the show has finally found a contemporary choreographer I do not like. At all. Matt and Kourtni danced it wonderfully, but I did NOT like the routine. At all. And that sucks because I love Matt/Kourtni (they're one of my top 3 couples).

- Chelsea/Thayne - Damn! That was the slowest quickstep I've ever seen. And boring. Boring. No connecton. None. Oh, and horribly fake smiles ... especially on Thayne. I'm sure the judges will love it. Yawn.

- Chelsie/Mark - Chelsie is just AMAZING!! I love her. She's my favorite dancer this year. I LOVE HER. She blows me away. Mark is fabulous also, I think he's my second favorite dancer in the competition. Together, they're amazing. I may not agree with all of the pairings, but these two and Courtney/Gev are such, such WINS! The choreography was wonderful (I really like Tabitha and Napoleon and their hip-hop!). The only negative thing I have to say is that I didn't like Chelsie's outfit. Other than that? This one was made of all kinds of win. Especially Chelsie.

I love Adam, by the way. I just love him. And I agree ... they are the couple to beat.

- Katee/Joshua - They are both so good, but I don't like her. I like him, but I don't her and I dont' think they have any chemistry. This wasn't their best dance also, a few bobbles, some hesitancy here and there. Joshua is fabulous, though.

My top three ...

Matt/Kourtni (I may have not liked the choreography, but they were fabulous and I like them)

Bottom three ...

No clue. I suck at guessing on this show. But I'm pretty sure Comfort and Chris will be in the bottom, and likely going home. LOL!
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