Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Were the Doctor and Rose doing it?

This has likely been discussed ad nauseum in the fandom, but hey, I'm new and just rewatched "Doomsday" last night.

So first we have Rose's reaction to "Were you and him ..." in TL which while wasn't a ringing cry of 'hell yeah!,' neither was it a denial. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that it actually leaned more in the direction of 'yes, we were' as opposed to 'no, it wasn't like that.' For the first time, in canon, I actually thought that RTD might go there and have it come out that towards the end (and I think if it DID happen it would definitely be after "The Impossible Planet/Satan's Pit") they did go, you know, go there.

Which brings us to "Doomsday." I'd read this interpretation in someone's fic notes, or spec somewhere when I first started diving headlong into the fandom, and I remember scoffing and thinking wishful thinking. After "Turn Left" and Rose's reaction, as well as rewatching "Doomsday" after everything that's followed, I actually am wondering if just maybe, indeed, yup, they went there. What I'm referring to is the final Doctor/Rose scene where she mentions "the baby." The Doctor's reaction, his expression, tone of voice to "you're not ..." and Rose's long look back at him with the slight smile before the laughing "no." I'm certainly not one for the whole idea of a bunch of Timetots running around, and pretty much avoid babyfic!, but the idea that the Doctor would think, well, maybe they were going there.

Of course, there's another interpretation as the comment came on the heels of "Well, you've still got Mr. Mickey then," followed by Rose grouping the Tylers, Mickey and then the baby together as a unit, but there was a slight bite as well as an 'as if' quality to the question. So, again, I dunno ... but I do wonder now.

We'll know (or won't, I guess) soon enough.

ETA: THREE MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: doctor who, doctor/rose, tv

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