Arabian (arabian) wrote,

David Tennant in 'Viva Blackpool'

So I friended fid_gin a few days ago from the Doctor Who fandom because, good posts, good discussion, good information ... including this:

David Tennant ... dancing, and singing to The Smiths. Can we say AWESOME!?!?!? Why, yes, we can! So I went back on youtube and grabbed a few other clips of his from Viva Blackpool, which has been so added to my must-watch David/Billie stuff after I've recovered from the end of this season. (No, I haven't forsaken Christopher Eccleston, I've just seen all of his stuff before except for The Second Coming -- written by Russell T. Davies!!!!!! -- which I have on my Netflix queue.)

Anyhoo, more clips , most of them are fairly short in length, but hey, it's David and he's singing and you can sorta hear him. So YAY!

Warning, there be sex in this one, but it's a LOT more funny than sexy. Alas, he doesn't do much singing, more, uhm, harmonizing.

There are a few more clips on youtube, but these are the best that I found where you can actually hear him and you know there's the dancing in the first, and the eating ice cream in the second and the sexing it up in the last, so FUN! to add to the singing.

I gotta say I'm really gypped that we were never given some ridiculously What!?!? Why would they?!?! But who cares!?!?! because it would be awesome karaoke moment with the Doctor and Rose since both David and Billie have sung in their careers. I mean, would that have been too much to ask?

No, I really don't think so.
Tags: billie piper, blackpool, david tennant, doctor who

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