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19 June 2008 @ 12:22 pm
SYTYCD - better late than never  
I got home uber-late last night. I was visiting my dad in the hospital (he had a mild -- very mild, thank God!) heart attack the other night, so late night getting home so I wasn't able to just sit and watch/critique/post like usual. (Daddy is doing fine, by the way. He got out this morning.)

So thoughts on the show

Like almost everyone else, yeah, I think it was a meh night. The only ones I really liked were --

- Chelsie/Mark - They are my couple to root for now. And Chelsie is definitely my favorite girl. Not as wonderful as last week, but still pretty damn great.

- Courtney/Gev - A few off-beats, but I LOVE their chemistry and connection and thought it was a lovely, lovely routine by Mandy Moore.

- Kourtni/Matt - I enjoyed it and thought they both sold it beautifully.

As for the rest, well, Marquis and Susie were a hot mess, but I think they may escape bottom three for two reasons (as I told harper47) ...

1) The way the judges raked them over the coals, and more importantly
2) The fact that Alec (x?) insulted Susie a tad, and she overheard it, cried and it was all caught on camera.

Surprisingly enough, Susie has turned out to be one of the more likable girls, so that moment may really help them.

ETA, or not. Gerrie says that Dial Idol looks really bad for them. Oy. He should have a killer solo though, so there's that at least.

The worse for me, however, in terms of response and the routine were ...

Chelsea/Thayne -- all around, Mandy, not good, my dear. Not good. And Nigel bringing up the AWESOME table dance just highlighted that even more so.

Katee/Joshua -- I would have never had this here were it not for the RIDICULOUS response. It was okay choreography, they were off in synch at several points, and it was just not even remotely rave-worthy, let alone on-your-feet-best ROUTINE EVER reaction. Just ridiculous. As it was, it made the routine worse in my eyes. I was just wondering if maybe it played so much better live? Who knows? Either way, that response just killed any true enjoyment I might have had in it.

Kherrington/Twitch -- One, that was not a Viennese Waltz by any stretch of imagination. Two, Mia was RIGHT! The perma-smile through the whole damn routine was WRONG!

Oh, yeah, two more couples unmentioned thus far. Jessica and Will, eh. The raves for Will were stupid, because he was just barely better than her. Just barely. Finally, Comfort and Chris, well, they were just pretty damn forgettable, and for the last number of the night, that's pretty sad.

Finally, did anyone notice (after Chelsie/Mark, I think) that when Mary screamed "I LOVED IT!" when the camera went back to the judges sitting there, Mia subtly (it wasn't really obvious I don't think -- I had to rewind to make sure) mimed blowing her brains out. Methinks she may find Mary as obnoxious as do many viewers. And for that alone, I have a new-found love for Mia. Add to that, her obvious fight for self-restraint to not go whomping on Nigel's ass for not letting her have a legitimate and RIGHT opinion really added to my Mia love last night.
harper47harper47 on June 19th, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC)
If only Mia weren't so "love the men, hate the women" in her comments I would appreciate it more. I do agree that Mia knows dance. She can get side tracked and stupid sometimes but generally she gets it. I just can't help feeling she has sold her soul and is toeing the company line though because there is no way in hell, as you say, that the Broadway was worth a standing ovation.

Musical theatre is better live so I get that it might have played better there but I think the summer camp I'm writing for right now could have done that number. It was a lot of hand work mostly.

I find the judges pandering to the choreographers to be very obnoxious. If you can't critique it with them in the studio, then stop letting them watch. It's so obsequious all the time. Gah.

The whole season is starting out terribly. Thank God for Mark who is the only light in this pimped up tunnel.
harper47harper47 on June 19th, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC)
And yikes - I meant to post I'm so glad your Father is okay. That must have been scary.
lavender goomsthe_spin on June 19th, 2008 05:21 pm (UTC)
She really does give the guys a break; that's the one thing I really wish she would stop.
Arabian: Chuck & Blair_01arabian on June 20th, 2008 12:58 pm (UTC)
You do have a point, she does tend to prefer the men, but being annoyed with both Mary and Nigel just won her so many brownie points for me, LOL!

Aww, I like Mark, but I still prefer Chelsie/Matt and Courtney/Gev. And I do still like Kourtni.