Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Top BLEEPING Chef tonight

I know I haven't shared my thoughts at all about this season recently so no one really knows how I feel about any of the contestants, so my subject line is not a spoiler, fear not ...

... unless you know me well enough to know that I, like almost everyone else watching Top Chef this season, CAN NOT FUCKING STAND LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY GOD!!! She made top three?!?!? She actually made top three!?!?!? Give me a break. A big, fat, enormous, huge, gigantic fucking break!!!!!! (What can I say the profanity of the season has gotten to me.)


I know she won't win (GOD, she better not win!!!!!!!!!), but if she did ... she would actually give Ilan -- yes, ILAN!!! -- a run for his money for worst winner ever. As it is, she's beats Tiffani handily down, in my opinion, as worst chef to make top three over all. At least that bitch could cook and wasn't in the bottom almost every challenge. I'm sorry, but after this I don't buy for one frickin' second that the judges take into account the whole season as they've maintained because there is no way that Antonia with her multiple wins and Lisa with her multiple bottom three/two placements should have gone before fucking Lisa!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what, bitch? The wrong person DID go home.

I'm rooting for Stephanie to win -- I've liked her from day one, but honestly I like Richard too (and hey, he's from Atlanta!! And my co-worker's boyfriend's mom is his housekeeper!!). Right now, it's really all about ANYONE BUT LISA.

ETA: Just wrote this in response to harper47 and I wanted to add it here:

I honestly think the producers stepped in and nudged with the thought that neither Lisa NOR Antonia really have a chance against Stephanie and Richard, so might as well go for the "dramatic" one. Ugh.
Tags: top chef, tv

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