Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I should be thrilled about Obama, instead I'm furious with Hillary!!!

When I first heard it said that Obama clinched the nomination, making history, I had tears in my eyes, I was so happy. And then came Hillary's speech and I sat there watching it with a sickening feeling in my stomach just knowing that she wasn't going to concede. And she didn't. MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I think she pretty much killed any opportunity for the VP or anywhere close to to the presidency EVER. What a ... my GOD!!!!!!!!!! The ego, the absolute horrificness of this just angers and frustrates me and makes me so incredibly furious, I have no words.

And to make it even worse, right before her speech, Axelrod (Obama's campaign manager) gave credit to Hillary, saying how wonderful she was, and show she had fought a magnificent race. The Obama campaign showing grace in victory. And then not so much Hillary. Not so much. Instead of this being about a historic moment in history, instead of focusing on Obama's moment -- the first African-American presidential nominee!!!!, she is making it all about her. MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

GOD, I'M FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This poppycock that she's being forced out because she's a woman is ridiculous. ANY OTHER CANDIDATE WHO'D LOST THIRTEEN PRIMARIES IN A ROW would have been expected to drop out. She has been urged to drop out not because she's a woman, but because going by the math she had a snowball's hell in chance of clinching the nomination.

This really was her LAST chance to be gracious, to actually get all of the credit for uniting the party, blah, blah, blah and she just shat all over it. My God the gall of that woman!!!!!!!!!!

Deep breath. Whatever, I'll get over. He's got the nomination and because of this speech of hers, there's pretty much no way in hell she'll get the VP slot now. And I can firmly and finally say THANK GOD! because of THIS speech, because of how she chose to handle this.

Go Obama!!!
Tags: barack obama, politics, rant

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