Arabian (arabian) wrote,

SYTYCD -- OMG! I'm interested!

Finally, So You Think You Can Dance auditions offers up some blog-worthy ones. I've liked a few people the last few nights, but not enough to even consider posting until the first 10 minutes of tonight's audition round, followed by another one seven minutes later.

So, my early favorites are easily ...

- Sheila Kaiser -- Lovely personality, lovely face, lovely expression while dancing, lovely lines, lovely dancing. I just thought she was lovely, lovely, lovely. She's the first female dancer this season who's grabbed me. And I loved her well-timed, well-executed little-shimmy mid-dance. That was the clincher.

- Jeremiah Hughes -- I've been waiting for my eye candy. Hello!?!? We had Danny and Neil last season. We need some eye candy. Shallow is part of this game for me thank you very much. And pretty, pretty Jeremiah hit the mark. And he's a gorgeous dancer. Yes, he got a bit sloppy towards the end, and yes, he needs work, BUT, he kept my attention and did some nice, nice stuff. I like his personality so far, his dancing and his face. Pretty, pretty face. Thank you, eye candy gods. Please make sure that Jeremiah makes it to the top 20. Pretty, pretty please.

- Brandon Bryant -- I think he should point his toes more -- which, honestly, considering the talent on display here, was likely part of the choreography. Overall, I thought he was amazing. Just amazing. (You know having only my mom as a choreographer and telling me things my whole life, I really do love when my opinion is validated by the judges who have the experience and training to back it up. So go me.)

Three comments based on all the nights so far that bug ...

- Too, too many nights of auditions. SERIOUSLY. Too many nights. God!

- Honestly, I think they highlight WAAAAAAAAAAY too many poppers. Yes, when done well, it's cool -- but more styles, please. Especially when in the history of this show, poppers don't tend to do that great outside of popping.

- The "Snuggle happy dance?" Have we found the new definition of lame? I think so.
Tags: sytycd, tv

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