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Chuck/Blair (GG) and HIMYM Finales

No thoughts on Gossip Girl beyond Chuck/Blair because honestly, I don't give two flying figs about anyone else on the show. They're all FF material for me. Even if Chace Crawford is awfully pretty.

So, loved every scene with them. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. My favorite line being from the first, "that was only one time; it was chilly." And his final one with yet another perfectly placed "I'm Chuck Bass."

As for the ending? Well, I was grinning from ear to ear during their dance and I enjoyed the schmoopiness of the following scenes in how they (especially Blair) were speaking about each other. And then Blair saw ridiculously cute guy at the heliopad and I thought "oh noes!" and then Bart gave his "a real girlfriend will teach you how to grow up" speech to the dawning horror (albeit subtly and oh so prettily played) on Chuck's sweetly evil face and I literally started laughing. Out loud. For reals. LOVED. IT. So frickin' perfect.

Including the follow-through with Blair at the heliopad and then Chuck's dumping of the roses for the one with which to seduce and thus hang onto his bad, bad boy ways. Seriously, I thought it was the perfect S1 ending for Chuck/Blair. He's not ready to change that much, and Blair would get bored with him. Heck, it was obvious from in-between the lines in her conversation with Serena that she was already waiting for the "real" Chuck to come out.

Also, this way we don't miss out on a whole summer of Chuck/Blair being, well, Chuck/Blair. Rob Thomas screwed that up TWO YEARS in a row on Veronica Mars, I'm so glad that Josh Schwartz is not making the same mistake. Finally, this screams to me more proof that the show realizes that B.C. are 'endgame.' They'll just be back and forth, on and off for awhile. And as long as we get the goods like we did in this episode, that's fine by me.

And now for the awesomeness that is How I Met Your Mother ... now this is what I'm talking about. Other than one more than minor quibble, I loved everything about this episode. It had humor, drama, interaction, the gang back together, flashbacks, a Canadian joke. AWESOME! Ooh, ooh and my second favorite thing was Barney's "But I'm your best brother, right?" LOL! My first, of course, was Barney's look of love to Robin. Say it with me now: Awww!!!

If I hadn't read the interview with Craig Thomas this morning, I wouldn't have been expecting anything on the BrOtp front, and I would have been okay with that because I've been saying they had to deal with Ted/Barney first, but knowing there was SOMETHING, and then, and then the show was almost over ... I was dying. And then came that scene!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He loves her, he loves her!!!


As for the more than minor quibble, yeah, I really, really, REALLY only like Sarah Chalke as Elliot because she's NOT working at all for me as Stella and if Stella is the mother, I won't be happy. Oy.

But, but, Barney loves Robin! Barney loves Robin! I'm so making an icon this week with the text "Barney loves Robin!"
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