Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Eli Stone' RENEWED!!!, HIMYM a "shoo-in" for season four!!

Woohoo!! Doing the happy dance. Doing the happy dance. DAYUM!! All of my shows are coming back. I'm so happy in TV-land. All my shows that were on the bubble have been renewed or are thisclose to officially being renewed.

- Eli Stone
- How I Met Your Mother
- Life
- Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
- Boston Legal
- Scrubs (definitely moving to ABC; thanks Zach!)


(Yes, that means that I don't consider Moonlight "my show." Sorry, but when I fastforward through everything to get to Jason's part, I officially do not care a whit about the show itself. If it is canceled, hopefully, Jason will get another role elsewhere or a fabulous recurring guest spot that gets him tons of praise. It's not like he was being utilized on Moonlight.)
Tags: tv

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