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'Dancing with the Stars' 100th Show!!

Thoughts while watching behind the cut ...

- Ooh, Ashly! I love her. I wish she'd come back; having her and Julianne in the same season would be awesome. She was my fave pro until Julianne came on.

- Great opening pro number. I loved the Karina/2 male dancers part.

- SQUEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Julianne and Apolo!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

- So fastforwarding through Rascall Flatts because I DO NOT LIKE THEM, and then I see Julianne/Apolo dancing and I half-scream/half-groan. Ah well. I'll take what I can get. Off to watch!!!

- Yeah, he's a sucky singer. Blechh!!! Ah, crowd roaring up, Apolianne must be coming out and AHHHH!! There they are!!! He's carrying her. Okay, going to just watch. Thoughts AFTER watching.

- Okay, they paused in their dance... WITH APOLO LYING ON TOP OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Oh, so, so, sooooooooo romantic. So beautiful (well, he's suit's kinda ugly), but so beautiful, so romantic and DAYUYM!!! do they have amazing chemistry or what/!??!? I almost forgot JUST how sizzling their chemistry is. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watched that part again. If you ever told me that I would see Julianne and Apolo rolling on the floor together, I wouldn't have believed you. HAH! Again, so, so, soooooooooo beautiful. I LOVE THEM!!! Okay, watching it again.

- DAMN! They are so good together. Oh, come on, Apolo! Forget the short track. Julianne, forget the country-music thing. The two of you should just dance together forever. Sigh. Honestly, I'm REALLY impressed with Apolo. There's no way he's been doing the heavy dance training for a while, and yet, he's doing a fabulous job. I really do think he's the best dancer (with no experience prior for sure) to come out of this show, and arguably the best period. That was just ... ugh, divine. The twirling, the face touches, the looks, the sway, the movement, the perfect timing, the in-synch-ness, the beauty that is Apolo and Julianne. And anybody wonders why there are rumors about these two!?!? Come on!!! Just watch them. It's as if no time has passed and they've been dancing together forever. Siiiiiiiiiiiigh.

- Pause before their next dancing part to comment once again what a HORRID singer the lead guy in RF is. HE SUCKS!!! I do NOT get their popularity.

- Fanning myself here. THAT? was unbelievably beautiful!!!!!!! And, BOY, did they pull out of the stops, the lifts, the turns, the constant face touches, the passion, the love, the beauty. Just amazing. Breathtaking!!! OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!!! That was just, be still my heart. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that their fans love about them was on display. That was ... I'm at a loss for words. Oh my God.

- Okay, I pretty much expect to just gloss through the rest, I'll be honest. It was all about Apolianne tonight for me.

- I honestly think they chose the best two couples (sorry Cheryl/Drew fans) to dance new routines tonight. I probably would have been much for more Maks/Mel had Julianne not been in the running up until the end. These two are just fabulous. Obviously they don't move me like Juilanne and Apolo, but come on, this is me. But still, Mel and Maks are great, and on the floor too. What's up with that, LOL!

- Ahhh, they're talking to the past winners, including APOLO!!!!!!!!! Aww, the shortest winners! Haha, Drew. "The skill, the partner" ... and one hand!

And going home, harper47 called it. Mario/Karina.

Once more for the road: Julianne/Apolo!?!? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETA: So I've watched it about five more times, and I CAN see where Apolo was tentative and rusty, but considering he hasn't done any hard-core dancing in like a year or so, and only had a week to learn this dance? I think he did pretty dang amazing!
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