Arabian (arabian) wrote,

AI Results

So, yeah, Brooke is gone. Grr, arggh. I knew she was going, but it still sucked. On one hand, I'm glad she went out on such a great note, on the other, she soooooooooo did not deserve to go. Ah well. I think if she gets signed and is promoted, she actually has a great career ahead of her because her voice and style is so "in" right now, so that's one thing.

I used this icon, because, hey! at least I got a Brooke/Cook mini-duet before she went. That's something right?

Anyhoo, for anyone interested ... Brooke's pre_Idol CD has finally been made available for a reasonable price (14.99 + 3 bucks shipping/handling) here so go forth and buy it if you can.

As for me, I'm done with AI until the finale, and I'll just watch the Brooke parts. Ah well.
Tags: american idol, brooke white, david cook, tv

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