Arabian (arabian) wrote,

AI aka BROOKE!!!!!!!

Watched all the performances tonight (go me!)

Quick Thoughts ...

Jason (Forever in Blue Jeans) - I like him, but could he have phoned it in any more obviously? It's like he's not giving anything here. This is a fun, sly, sexy song ... he brought none of that to it.

David Cook (I'm Alive) - It was good, but predictable for Cookie.

Brooke (I'm a Believer) - I loved it. Yes, I'm biased, and I don't care. She was having so much fun and THAT is what that song is supposed to be. She was having a blast and so much more confident then we've seen her in a while. YAY!!!

Archie (Sweet Caroline) - No, just no.

Syesha (Hello Again) - My 3rd favorite Neil song, and this just didn't work for me. She just sounded like an amateur up there to me. Jason may have sounded bored, Archie, well, like Archie, but they at least didn't sound like amateurs, she did to me.

Second Round

Jason (September Morn) - I know that Paula totally blew the pre-arranged commentary, but she actually was right. Jason wasn't performing like a guy who wants to be in the top 4. Gorgeous, haunting song and he just phoned it in ... again.

David Cook (All I Ever Really Need is You) - I thought it was again predictable Cookie. Good, but predictable. I dunno, if I knew the songs better, it might have worked better. But, it was eh to me.

Brooke (I am I Said) - GORGEOUS! Seriously, gorgeous. THIS is my favorite performance of her EVER! Just beautiful. GLorious, range, hitting her notes, so much emotion and heart and DAMN THE JUDGES FOR NOT ACKNOWLEDGING IT, no they just stuck to their stupid script. That was THE best performance of the night bar-none, and they should have said so. She kicked ass, and her return of confidence is beautiful to behold. Go Brooke!!

David (Coming to America) - My 4th fave Neil song (for the record 'Sweet Caroline' is my 2nd fave) and yes, he hit some great notes, but horrible breath control, and it was just boring and I don't like him.

Syesha (Thank the Lord for the Night Time) - I'm sorry, she bores me with a silly stick. I couldn't get through it. Sorry.

Best performance - Brooke, I Am I Said
Worst performance - Jason, Forever in Blue Jeans (that over SM because he totally missed the fun joy of FiBJ)

Top 3 - Should be: Brooke, Cookie, Archie
Will be: Brooke, Cookie, Archie, but (sigh) he has the base, it might be Jason, Cookie, Archie (or Syesha who is showing strength on DialIdol)

Bottom 2 - Should be: Jason, Syesha
Will Be - Jason, Syesha, but again, Syesha might eke out over Brooke (damnit!!!)

Going Home - Should be: Jason
Will Be: Syesha. If it's Brooke, I'll be furious because her 1st song was good and her 2nd was FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But again, DialIdol is showing really strong for Syesha so she may be safe. {{Sigh}} I just want more Brooke!!! It looks at this point that it might be between Brooke and Jason. Damnit!!! I want Brooke to stay. And if she does, she better get the pimp-spot. She's had it ONCE during the top 12, that's it and that was top 8, and much more often she just gets thrown in the middle. The Davids get the pimp spot constantly or right next to it and Syesha got it this week.
Tags: american idol, brooke white, david cook, tv

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