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Promo for HIMYM!!!! BrOtp!! More exclamation points!!!!

Right before the promo for next week's episode of Moonlight, there was a promo for the next episode of How I Met Your Mother. Alas, I can't snag it to put up, but here is a full description.

- Medium shot of Barney laying in bed, shirtless, the sheet to his waist (NPH looking MIGHTY FINE!) and he says "I just slept with my best friend's ex-girlfriend."

- Then it cuts to a full shot starting at their legs (covered by the sheet) and then travels up Barney and Robin's bodies (with quick cuts) in bed together, both looking shell-shocked.

- Then a close-up of Robin as she looks over at Barney like "OH SHIT! WHAT DID WE JUST DO!!!"

- Then Barney and Ted are in the back of a cab, Barney has a drink and Ted says conversationally, "My mom is coming into town next month," then he turns to Barney and yells the last part: "Maybe you'd like to NAIL HER TOO!!" During the yelling, Ted is leaning over, yelling in Barney's face, who is cowering and cringing.

- Then on the side where it lists the shows and their times, it shows Marshall and Lilly at the bar, sitting next to each other with Lily's head on Marshall's shoulder and he's comforting her.

That's it.

SQUEE!!!!! So they actually DO have sex and it's not just making out. I was wondering if it might be revealed in the following episode that they didn't actually do it, but pulled away, Barney left and there would be that tension. So this promo answers that question!! THEY DO IT!! They have sex!!! FIST-PUMP OF JOY!!! (Yes, I am sad. I know.) What I really like though is that the show obviously knows that BrOtp is money (hey, Michael Scott mentioned Swingers, so it's hip again, right?) because ...

(a) They revealed so much about the new Robin Sparkles video to keep attention away from what happens at the end of SITS because they knew that would be the buzz, which was proven, I think, by the fact that ...

(b) Someone at some entertainment site did an on-set visit while they were filming SITS and they were given the full script ... BUT for the last page (which had Barney/Robin back at the apartment). And ...

(c) The whole promo is all about BARNEY and ROBIN!!!!!!!!!


ETA: Here's the promo up on youtube that someone kindly put up. It's not the best quality, but you can at least see it and that's awesome.
Tags: brotp, himym, tv

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