Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Reality TV eliminations tonight ...

Behind the cut, it's all behind the cut ...

ANTM ...

Lauren takes GORGEOUS photos, and I've rooted for her for awhile, but if she REALLY wanted this, girl would have improved her walk by now. She would have been working on it morning, day and night ... and clearly she hasn't. Also, yes, the commercial in a different language was crap (always is, when they do that), but she walked into it with a totally defeatist attitude. As soon as Tyra said that Whitney was basically trying too hard, but that Lauren wasn't trying enough, I knew that Lauren was toast.

I'm getting better though! I figured out by the editing that Lauren/Whitney would be bottom two. Go me.

I think the final two will be (and actually should be! SHOCKER!) Anya and Katarzyna. I like Anya better as a model, but Katarzyna speaks about, oh, a MILLION times better. Seriously, Anya's voice is a ridiculous stereotype of a dumb blonde. Oy! Aside from the looks of Anya though, Katarzyna clearly pissed Tyra off tonight with the name correction ... especially the second one. Oh, Katarzyna, don't piss off the Tyra!

Re: AI and Brooke -- I still am getting all of her songs, so if anyone wants any recent live and/or studio version, just give me a heads-up.

AI ...

AHHHH!!!!!!!!! Brooke lives another week!!! (And DAYUM! was she shocked that she was safe. Like totally, completely blown away, shocked!). Me so happy (and shocked as hell too!).

I don't care if she stopped and restarted, Randy, Simon AND David Foster said she did the right thing. I thought she sounded GREAT after the restart and Andrew Lloyd Webber defended the hell outta her tonight, and Simon said she deserved to be saved after watching it back. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, if she could JUST regain that confidence and joy from her early weeks. Come on, Brooke, I know you have it in you!

My other reason of joy? Carly is gone! YES!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry, she may have a great voice, but (a) her personality bugs, (b) I'm shallow enough that her tattoos bug and (c) she may have a great voice, but she CONSTANTLY goes for big notes that are out of her range and she sounds like she's straining and thus sounds like crap. So YAY for Brooke safety and YAY for Carly gone-age!!!

And I'm evil enough to be happy at all of the gnashing of teeth over at Idolforums where they live to sing Hosannas to Carly and rake Brooke over the coals, and COMPLETELY ignore the documented greater popularity of Brooke over Carly -- way LESS times in the bottom, way better selling songs on I-Tunes. In fact, Brooke's "Let it Be" was STILL in the top 5 last week!, and every poll may have the three guys (Davidx2, Jason) tops, but Brooke is ALWAYS the highest of the girls. So take that Carly-loving, Brooke-bashing Idolforums! HAH!!!! Seriously, those people thought that Carly actually had a shot at final three ... over Jason, Brooke, or either David. Seriously. Come on, people!

Top Chef ...

I shouldn't be annoyed with Jen's constant "I'm doing this for Zoe," but damn I was, so I'm glad she's gone. I still like Spike, so I'm glad he came close to winning with his soup. I knew as soon as we figured who the bottom two were that if it were Jen/Steph as the worst, that Jen was going home and that if it were Antonia/Lisa, that Antonia was going home. I wasn't surprised -- or disappointed, as stated above -- with the decision.

Non-episode specific -- I still like Mark -- he mentioned Stephen Colbert! with ACTUAL knowledge!!! -- but I think his days are numbered. I think this is easily going to be Richard/Dale/Stephanie final three. I like Stephanie the best of those three, so I hope she wins.
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