February 25th, 2018

Stefan & Caroline14

'The Vampire Diaries' Wrap-up Thoughts... 7B/8 -- 50/50 Best Episodes

You guys... it has been only FIFTEEN DAYS! That's right it barely took me two weeks to get the next section up! Is that not amazing? I'm so proud of myself. (WHEE!) Now I know the next section will take a lot longer because it has a LOT of stuff in it as it is basically an overview of ALL of my favorite things about TVD, so yeah, that will take a while, but, you guys, FIFTEEN DAYS between sections! Part two of what I consider the best episodes of the series. (NOTE: Not my favorite episodes, but the best in terms of writing, direction, arcs, least amount of confuzzling moments, etc.) You'll find the last 25 here listed in chronological order. As in the first section, I have my description of each episode and why I consider them the best to a paragraph or two. Read on....

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- Major Unresolved Issues
- Minor Unresolved Issues
- Missed Opportunities
- THE Love Story
- Seasons 01-04 Favorite Scenes and Moments
- Seasons 05-08 Favorite Scenes and Moments
25 Favorite Characters
- 50 Favorite Episodes, Part 1/2 (25/50)