February 10th, 2018

DE & Stefan01

'The Vampire Diaries' Wrap-up Thoughts... 7A/8 -- 25/50 Best Episodes

It hasn't been a century... it's just the next year! Anyhoo, here is the next section of my Vampire Diaries wrap-up. This is a two-parter: What I consider the best episodes of the series. You'll find the first 25 here listed in chronological order. In the second post, I will list my absolute favorites (no specific number, just the ones that I put little stars next to when picking them). Narrowing this down was a process (understandably). I first was going to do only 20, but I just couldn't do it, so I decided on 25, but then a few more kept sneaking their way in, so I thought... oh heck, I'll do 50 and 50 it stayed. And so here is part one. Shockingly, I have my description of each episode and why I consider them the best to a paragraph (admittedly, some of them are on the lengthy side, but still only a paragraph). Read on....

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- Major Unresolved Issues
- Minor Unresolved Issues
- Missed Opportunities
- THE Love Story
- Seasons 01-04 Favorite Scenes and Moments
- Seasons 05-08 Favorite Scenes and Moments
25 Favorite Characters