August 13th, 2017

Stefan & Caroline01

'The Vampire Diaries' Wrap-up Thoughts... 5A/8 -- Seasons 01-04 Favorite Scenes and Moments

Continuing with my final Vampire Diaries series—and the good stuff—here are my favorite scenes or moments. (You may notice it now says /8 instead of /10. That's because I realized that I can get this done in eight and I'm glad because I like the symmetry of eight parts to go with eight seasons.) Some of these may surprise you and some scenes/moments *not* on here will likely be surprising as well. Firstly, I originally was only going to have only 25 scenes/moments but there were just way too many to cut down so I went up to 50 instead. And then I was ruthless; I took my couple-girl bias out of the equation and just tried to take the scene and/or moment on the basis of its own merit (with a bit of the overall narrative at play). (Spoiler alert: This means that certain dances and love scenes are not present!) Because I am wordy, I had to break this up into two different posts. Shocking, I know!

Here we go…

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- Major Unresolved Issues
- Minor Unresolved Issues
- Missed Opportunities
- THE Love Story