July 23rd, 2017

Damon & Elena26

'The Vampire Diaries' Wrap-up Thoughts... 3/8 -- Missed Opportunities

Once more into the fray with my Final Vampire Diaries series. Here are my ten missed opportunities. Most of these truly are "missed opportunities" rather than "wishful thinking" or "fantasies" in most cases. These are stories or scenes that I genuinely feel could (and some *should*) have come out of the existing narrative, mythology and/or character arcs. (OK, fine, a few are pure wish fulfillment fantasies.) Each section is listed in order of the most glaring (in their yearning) in my opinion as a viewer. And because I am eternally this show's bitch, I also offered up a devil's advocate position on some (most) of these points—if possible (almost always so).

Here we go…

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- Major Unresolved Issues
Minor Unresolved Issues