July 8th, 2017


'The Vampire Diaries' Wrap-up Thoughts... 1/8 -- Major Unresolved Issues

Anyone who reads my Vampire Diaries commentary is well aware of how much I love this show. It is officially my all-time favorite and I was very happy and quite satisfied with the finale. Overall, I think that for a series that ran for eight seasons with 161 episodes, executive producers Julie Plec (who alone helmed the show from day one), Kevin Williamson and Caroline Dries, did a marvelous job in maintaining a steady narrative, remaining true to that narrative, their core characters and the mythology. With that said… in what wound up being the mid-way point of the series—season 04—I decided that when The Vampire Diaries eventually came to an end, I would look back over the whole shebang and do an assessment of any unresolved issues I might have.

This idea was predicated on the premise that I wouldn't be disappointed by the overall outcome when that end arrived, but some things may not quite work for me when all was said and done. As expected, despite The Vampire Diaries living up to its overall awesome, there were indeed some issues left unresolved; I came up with 10 in total. There were five that I considered fairly major that I truly do wish had been resolved, and five minor ones that didn't affect the overall narrative. They matter enough though that they will probably always bother me just enough that I take note whenever I re-watch the series. Now, while thinking this through I realized that some of my issues weren't issues at all, but rather wish fulfillment fantasies that never came true so I decided to create a third category: Missed opportunities. And they really are "missed opportunities" rather than "wishful thinking" or "fantasies" in most cases. These are stories or scenes that I genuinely feel could (and some *should*) have come out of the existing narrative, mythology and/or character arcs. (OK, fine, a few are pure wish fulfillment fantasies. See: Numbers seven and eight.)

Each section is listed in order of the most glaring (either in their egregiousness or yearning) in my opinion as a viewer. And because I am eternally this show's bitch, I also offered up a devil's advocate position on some (most) of these points—if possible (almost always so). Being me, this wound up a lot longer than originally intended so I have separated each section into three parts. My major unresolved issues can be found in this post. (And an aside... once these are done, as promised, I will be working on a few more posts in a Vampire Diaries appreciation bonanza.)

Alrighty then, let's get to it…

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