August 4th, 2014


Can't believe I'm doing this, but I so am....

So I started a rewatch of TVD... and I'm actually going to do posts for all the season 01 episodes that I didn't do posts for (namely every episode except for "Miss Mystic Falls"). I plan on writing them as if I haven't seen the upcoming episodes. I'm writing them like I write current episodes. Jotting my thoughts down and then pulling them out into my longer, flowing posts. I don't expect them to be terribly long, but still, I'm gonna write season 01 episode posts! Woohoo!!!

Right now, I'm just jotting the notes down for all the episodes because I don't want to slow down my rewatch that much and since I've watched season 01 so many times, it's pretty simple. I'll probably just steadily work on the episodes over time. But I'm surprised at how easy it is to write even the notes down as if I don't know what's to come. Hopefully the posts come as easily. :)