June 17th, 2013

Damon & Elena17

Ugh, Joshua Butler again!

*sigh* Not a happy camper. Freaking Joshua Butler is already listed as director for episode 2 (he’s apparently prepping it already) and episode 20 of TVD season 05. Ugh! His direction just about RUINED “The Five” (4x04 - you know the ep that featured the FIRST Damon/Elena reciprocal hug where Damon FINALLY hugged her back and not the SLIGHTEST big deal was made about it, not to mention all of his other directorial fails in that episode!) and pretty much did the same for “Do Not Go Gentle.” UGH! UGH! UGH! STOP USING HIM, TVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only remotely non-awful thing about this is that he does tend to direct the obvious of what's on the page and Damon/Elena *are* supposed to be happy long enough that it should be beyond two episodes so he at least (fingers crossed) won't mess up their scenes... again. Grrr.