February 22nd, 2013


Quick TV tonight...

Community -- Meh... this show is just not that good anymore. *sigh* And the uber-love that the new showrunners have for Britta vs the obvious lack of love they have for Annie hurts my Annie-loving heart. Ah well.

Parks and Rec -- Awwww!!!

Elementary -- Weak case, but Joan and Sherlock were adorable!

Person of Interest -- MOST AWESOME EPISODE EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah Shahi remains uber-ly awesome. I was grinning SO VERY HARD from the 2nd to last scene through to the final line. AWESOME!!!!!

Scandal -- Probably the weakest episode so far, but considering most are fantastic, it was still really good.

The Vampire Diaries -- Rewatch and post coming tomorrow-ish. Probably long. Like long even for me. Possibly. Because this episode? EXCELLENT! Like SO FREAKING UP THERE, folks! Oh, and sirebond? So not real.