February 9th, 2013

Arya & Gendry02

American Idol faves so far....

There will probably (hopefully) be some girls that I continue to like enough to get me to post about them in their Hollywood rounds next week because there were definitely some that grabbed my attention. For now, the guys I'm loving are --

Charlie Askew (LOVE HIM!, "Baby, I could say the same back to you.")
Adam Sanders And he was cut, after hearing his solo, I understand why. No control, went flat a lot. Ah well.

I like this new batch of judges also, and Nicki is SO my favorite. I love how they have featured mostly good singers with just a few joke ones, and I love how Nicki is giving actual criticism and commentary, which is why I appreciate her presence on the panel. Keith Urban is pretty good as well. Mariah has moments, but she's the closest to the lackluster/you're so beautiful/non-critiquing style of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler last season, but she's still better overall than they were by their second season. Randy, well, Randy is Randy.