December 23rd, 2012

Damon & Elena23

3.07 (Ghost World) / 4.07 (My Brother's Keeper) icon batch

Here are icons from the seventh episode of seasons 03 and 04. Please comment if you like and/or are snagging. :) This batch features Damon, Elena, Jeremy, Stefan, Bonnie, Matt, Alaric, Klaus, Matt and Caroline.

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OMG! I am very EXCITE!!!!

So the episode description for Vampire Diaries' episode 10 description is out. And since I've been fairly spoiled for this one, I read it. Fair warning though, I'm going back to my NO SPOILERS AT ALL BAN! (meaning no more episode stills or descriptions after episode 10). Anyhoo, so I read it and something that I hoped for is definitely happening, and I can barely contain my TVD-related joy! SQUEE!!

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