November 14th, 2012

One Angry Logan

Spoiled again... STUPID ONTD

*sigh* (^&*)^J#@HL ONTD. I do like that I get bunches of entertainment info there, but DAMN, they piss me off like yo because of the insistence of so many members posting episode stills FOR EPISODES UNAIRED outside the freaking cut! So just as I was spoiled for a D/E still from episode 6 and 7, I was just spoiled for a Damon still for episode 8. I don't know how significant 6 is, but 7 and 8 (especially) are pretty dang spoilery. UGH! I'm trying so hard to remain unspoiled, and mostly doing a pretty good job. I sent an email to ONTD, but I doubt they'll do anything even if it's against their own flipping rules!

It's just so, so annoying. Now the still will probably show up in the preview for the next episode -- the only thing I do watch, although I'm considering giving up on those too -- but still... I want as little time as possible for my brain to start thinking of possiblities and building up expectations. GRRRRR!!!!

For anyone responding, please, please, please don't mention ANY OTHER SPOILERS, not vague ones, not summer ones, not older, pre-show ones, not webclips, not synopses, casting, reference to stills (because there may be more D/E, Damon ones out there that I haven't seen and I'd like to keep any knowledge of them away from me). Anything that has not aired yet, I don't want to know. Thank you.