October 31st, 2012


Sigh, oh, Livejournal

Well, if they really do go through with the icky friends page, then yeah, I'll probably be done here. I do have a dreamwidth account (http://arabian.dreamwidth.org/). I'll have to upgrade my account for my icons and stuff. I'll try and post both places, but if LJ goes icky and stays icky, well, I probably won't post here long. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a set-up/layout I like there. We'll see.

ETA: Or maybe it won't be that bad? Just got this from lj-release news:

(~) Infinite scroll will be able to be turned off. If you turn off infinite scroll, the feed will have regular pagination as it does now.

(~) Customization options will be provided to allow you to configure the look and feel of the feed. This will include at least text size and background images.

ETA ... here's more info about something that had caused some concern:

Then, one note unrelated to the Friends feed, I noticed a lot of concern in the comments to news and lj_releases yesterday about comments that were made in the Russian news posts. Some comments by staff members there were being auto-translated as saying we would be 'canceling paid accounts next year'. The Russian terms used in these comments were being translated as the English word 'cancel', which of course has a specific negative meaning (to take away something that someone already possesses, etc).

That is not what will be happening -- no accounts will be canceled or revoked, no already-purchased paid time or paid features will be lost or anything like that. What is happening, is that we will be making some changes to the existing account structure next year. That is what these comments were referring to. This will involve changing things so users have a standard LiveJournal account to which they then can add the paid/extra features that they want separately (or feature packages/sets). The concept of buying something that's called a "paid account" is what will be removed -- extra features will be done as add-ons and add-on packages. Existing paid or permanent accounts at that time will be treated as premium/elite accounts that will have access to even more features than exist right now.

I really, really hope this works out because I can't access dreamwidth at work and I can access LJ.