October 18th, 2012


Some TVD-Stefan/Elena-related thoughts + my willingness to let bygones be bygones...

because you all know that I'm just so this show's bitch!

First off... Happy Vampire Diaries day!

Now, I've complained long and hard about Elena not calling Stefan out on that shiz he pulled in "Our Town," when he kidnapped her, force-fed her his blood and threatened to drive her off of the bridge where her parents died and kill her/turn her into a vampire. BUT... something struck me today. Stefan *DID* have his humanity switch off. Sure, it was his choice, but it was Damon's to keep his off for so long and I'm constantly defending his early season 01 actions by saying but, but, but ... his humanity switch was off. So it's not fair of me to expect Elena to hold Stefan to a different standard here. His switch was off. And it was actually those horrible actions that made him turn his switch back on. So, I'm over that.

With that said, I will personally forever hold Stefan accountable (yes, I realize he's a fictional character, ya'll) and be peeved that Elena will likely NEVER call him out regarding the pointless/cruel killing of Andie. Elena knows that Stefan killed her; she also knows that Stefan did so when his switch wasn't off. She also has to have an idea of how cruel it was considering how Andie's death was reported. So, yeah, that I'm still a tad frustrated about, but it's not like I haven't discussed getting the whole tribal mentality thing this gang has going on so this was (ironically since Andie died and Elena didn't) always less bothersome to me than the events of "Our Town." So while I may not like it, the tunnel vision/tribal mentality that Elena exists in DOES make her acceptance (or rather the ignoring) of Andie's death more palatable.

Man, this show. Twisted morals, dude.