September 9th, 2012

Damon & Elena02

1.19 (Miss Mystic Falls) / 2.19 (Klaus) icon batch

Lordy! I actually had these sitting on my desktop for a few months and forgot to post them! (Which means icons for episodes 20 from the first two seasons will be coming soon -- whee!). The plan is to get these done by the start of the new season, and once it starts I'll do my best to post icons from episodes from seasons 03 and 04 within a few weeks (but hopefully closer to a week) of each episode. :) That's the plan anyway, hahah! Anyhoos, here are icons from episodes 19 of seasons 01 and 02. LOTS of Damon/Elena, plus solo Damon, Elena, Caroline, Stefan, Katherine, Elijah (plus a handful of Kat/Elijah!) and Alaric.

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