September 5th, 2012

Arya & Gendry02

To quote the always awesome Rachel Maddow: 'Oh My God!'

I managed to watch most of the first night of the Democratic National Convention before I went to work. As the key speaker of the night, I was only able to see the first five minutes or so of Michelle Obama's speech. The rest would have to wait until I got home this morning. In the meantime, I read superlative after superlative about the speech. Someone even said that President Obama -- a brilliant orator -- was going to have go double-time to top her speech. Even after the brilliance of Patrick Deval's speech, and Julien Castro's (not to mention the great speeches by Tammy Duckworth, Lilly Ledbetter and just about every other speaker at the podium tonight), the First Lady's speech was in a class of its own.

Well, I just finished watching her speech and I can only agree. I spent the last five minutes of it literally crying. It was magnificent. She was magnificent. And I am so proud to say that this woman is my country's First Lady. If you haven't watched it, if you missed it, find the time and watch it. There are no words for how right it was.