August 12th, 2012

Arya & Gendry02

Little silly Nina/Ian project

This started because I found a really adorable song ("Arm Candy" by Kellie Pickler) that did not have any presence on youtube) so I was going to make a lyric video and wanted some pictures underneath and I decided to use some Nina/Ian shots -- which led me to wanting to put something from each event/candid we'd seen. Then by that time, I realized the song didn't fit, but I liked the idea. So I finally put it all together, stuck with the song that was my second choice, uploaded it to youtube ... and that song was muted due to copyright claim. *sigh* So I went with a different, better song!

Anyhoo here goes -- A slideshow of Ian and Nina's relationship from when it roughly started (cuz, yeah we don't know for sure, but April seems the best guess, haha) April 2010 through their last sighting together at the Teen Choice Awards in July 2012.