July 16th, 2012


So this is what's up for anyone possibly curious

Just in case anyone was wondering why things have been so quiet on my front -- two things this last week and a half:

1. I started the 3rd and final (yay!) phase of my job training meaning I'm now working 11pm to 7am. I'm totally cool with those hours, it's the shift I want (and am getting -- seriously, dudes, come September I'll be off Thursday nights and due to my schedule pretty much will be able to stay up all night writing my TVD posts!). The problem is that I'm still fully acclimating to this schedule. Which brings me to the other thing --

2. I'm house/dogs-sitting for my sister. This means that my drive time from work/home is different (like an additional 20-30 minutes different). I can't just do what I need to do when I get home and hop into bed, no, I have to wait for her lovely, but cantankerous old dog to decide he's going to go outside to potty or come in. I don't have the TV/computer/food set-up that is at my home. I'm not in my bed. I MISS SEEING MY CATS ALL THE TIME! Don't get me wrong, I love my sister; I'm glad I can help her with this -- I just ... miss my bed, my cats, my stuffs, you know?

So, the two of these happening on the SAME WEEK has really messed with my brain functioning, thus I'm sucking in the beta-department, fic-writing department, gif-ing department, icon-ing department and overall posting department. Lord help me, I can NOT wait until I'm back in my home with my cats, my computer/tv, my bed. *sigh*