May 22nd, 2012


A few random things --

- I watched Scandal, it was awesome. Another show to watch come fall. :)

- I've been listening to Kris Allen's new CD, Thank You Camellia. It is awesome. I just ordered the fan version (with 5 acoustic tracks, whee!). I can't wait to get it. I also got Haley Reinhart's CD and Adam Lambert's, I may or may not write a full post on all three CDs once I've listened to them a bunch.

- Lastly, I was bored last night, Bones is ON DEMAND, so I watched the first five minutes or so of a month-old episode before going to bed. What I saw I liked enough that I decided to check Netflix and lo and behold, they have the first six seasons on watch instantly. I have no clue where I stopped watching, so I'm going to start from the Pilot and see if I find that old lovin' feeling and get all the way through. Spoiler alert for current Bones -- damn, Tamara Taylor's hairstyle is ... not good.

And that's all she wrote ............