April 12th, 2012

Arya & Gendry02

Nina Dobrev's Event Style (2007 - Present)

After I put up my 10 favorite Nina Dobrev looks, there was a comment about never having seen a couple of those outfits, so I decided to waste some time and do a timeline of the evolution of Nina Dobrev event outfits. I came up with 65 in total. I didn't include events that were casual (in which she wore jeans -- which she wore to the first MuchMusic Award show she went to in 2009, etc.), and there were one-to-two events where I wasn't able to get a full shot of her outfit including shoes so I didn't grab those, and one where there were no solo shots, so I grabbed the group shot. Other than that, I used full solo shots of her. Obviously, this is image heavy.

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You can find all of the images (most of them in HQ and with several others from each event) at these websites: Nina Dobrev Stuff (the best Nina site, imo) | Nina Dobrev.org | NinaPictures.net