March 21st, 2012

Betty01 - Yes

Another shipping meme! WHEE!

Snagged this from jedi_of_urth --

Give me a pairing (I don't have to ship it as long as I know about it) and I'll tell you:

1. When or if I started shipping them:
2. What I think their challenge is:
3. What makes me happy about them:
4. What makes me sad about them:
5. What moment I wish had never happened:
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: *
7. My happily ever after for them:

* Very likely this answer will be no one for my die-hard couples, just saying. :)

A forum for television for people who LIKE television :)

Okay, here's the deal. I love discussing tv shows. I like reading other points of views, I like going back and forth in friendly debate over different points of view. I like having a place to go to do the above, a forum, a discussion board for various television shows filled with posts by viewers who actually *like* the show they are watching. Sadly, I can't find a damn place to do so. I've stopped reading the two soap boards I frequent for General Hospital and Days of Our Lives because for every positive, even neutral post, there are 50 negatives. And I'm not exaggerating. It's just as bad for my beloved Vampire Diaries -- although tvdbloodstream helps in picking up the slack there, alas it's not a heavy-discussion forum. Aside from those three shows, there are quite a few other ones that I watch where I'd love to sit back and just read the back and forth discussion, add my own two cents, but to find a place is nearly impossible because the watchword of internet discussion forums these days seems to be NEGATIVE.

So, I was thinking of resurrecting an old idea of mind: Setting up a TV discussion board that would have different forums for specific shows, and then general forums (soaps -- with threads for specific soaps, dramas -- threads for specific dramas, etc.). If you're familiar with Television Without Pity, it would essentially be Television WITH Pity. (But a better name!) The thing is I'd need people onboard who simply do want such a place, and who would be willing to read forums for specific tv shows (say: you love Once Upon a Time, and would love a spot to discuss the merits with others) to make sure they stay harmonious, and not so darn negative. We could also have forums for popular older shows (Buffy, The West Wing, etc.)

Is there any interest at all?