February 28th, 2012


Elena Gilbert: It's only love

    Caroline: It doesn't matter what he does, Damon's gotten under your skin.
    Elena: That's not true.
    Caroline: God, just admit it, Elena, okay? You are attracted to him! In all of his bad brother glory.
    Elena: No.
    Caroline: Wait, no, you're not attracted to him, or no, you just won't admit it?
    Elena: I can't, Caroline! If I admit it, if I even thought it for just a second... What does that say about me?
    Caroline: It says you're human, Elena.
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Arya & Gendry02

Monday TV I watched - The Voice & Smash -- WHEE! MUSIC!

Watched The Voice and other than Chris Mann (from the first or second night) haven't really glommed onto anyone. LOVE the judges' bantering, though, especially Adam and Blake.

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I also watched Smash -- and you know, just thinking on it now, I really don't like the show's title. It should be "Julia is Awesome!" or "Eileen Kicks Ass!" or "Derek is Hot!" or "Can I Be Team Karen *and* Ivy?"

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