January 30th, 2012

Arya & Gendry02

'The Vampire Diaries' endgame?


- What is *your* dream endgame for The Vampire Diaries? Not based on what you think will happen, on producer/actor/fan commentary, and perhaps or perhaps not based on what is happening right now (or the last few seasons) but what you would like to see happen as the series winds down. Which couples do you want to see together? Where do you want to see the characters? Who do you want to survive to the end? As a human? As a vampire? Who do you want to die (if anyone)?

- What do you think *will be* the endgame for the series? Based on what has happened in canon on the show, what hints/clues the producers/actors have given out? Which couple(s), character(s) will be standing as a human or vampire at the end?


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