January 29th, 2012

One Angry Logan

Spoilers ... and how frustrating it is going spoiler-free

You know, it's really damn hard to go spoiler-free because a lot of people who read spoilers don't seem to realize that reactions to spoilers -- when you know that person's likes and dislikes, icons that appear to relate to said spoiler and subject lines that express your feelings, or mention anything about that spoiler ...


I do not want to speculate, I do not want to know what is going to happen. I want to go to into each episode of The Vampire Diaries not knowing anything, and yet that isn't happening despite the fact that I am scrupulously, crazily avoiding anything resembling a spoiler ... and yet I'm still being spoiled because various people on my flist are doing any/all of the above. I do not want to remove people from my flist, but I'm going to start doing so because it's ridiculous to get spoiled simply because people refuse to stop and think for five seconds that a reaction, a tag, an icon, a cut-subject-line CAN AND WILL REVEAL ENOUGH TO BE A SPOILER!!!