January 26th, 2012


1.15 (A Few Good Men) / 2.15 (The Dinner Party) icon batch

So I tried a new way of doing the icons (working on new episodes a bit at a time as I worked on these), but it didn't go much faster, so I'm going back to the old way, ah well. Anyhoo, here's the next batch of Vampire Diaries episode icons -- episodes fifteen from both seasons. (If you're new to my journal, just click on the icons tag and you'll get the earlier TVD icon posts.) These feature Damon, Elena, Caroline, Alaric, Bonnie, Liz, Jeremy, Elijah, Katherine and Stefan (alone and in pairings). Enjoy and feel free to take as many as you like, I just ask that you credit.

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Arya & Gendry02

Very excited!

An actress, Terri Conn, I know (and am sorta friends with) is going to be guest-starring on 30 Rock tonight, one of the two episodes airing tonight (the second one). She said it was small role, but still it's prime time and that's awesome. (She also said that Tina Fey was amazing. Of course.) I can't wait to watch it (so glad that TVD is a rerun tonight for this reason, LOL!).

ETA: She's best-known for playing Katie Peretti Frasier on As the World Turns.