October 8th, 2011


3.04 - My (eep!) Caroline Issues

Damn, I really hate not loving Caroline wholeheartedly. It's like I felt after "Klaus," where I was all down on what a temper-tantrum-throwing idiot Damon was. I hate when I don't AHHHHHH! my faves on this show, but ah well, it's just gonna happen sometimes. And this episode it was Caroline's turn. For the record, my shit-Stefan episode is "The Dinner Party." I actually don't think I have one for Elena; Alaric's would be this episode too but as much as I love my bb, Alaric, I don't love him nearly as much as I do Caroline. Therefore, I must explain why I'm not Rah! Team Caroline for once. Bottom-line is that while I love Caroline to bits, I feel that she was wrong in her attitude towards Damon in this episode.

Note: This was originally posted in a lovely Caroline-defense post by youcallitwinter. If you're Rah!Team Caroline for this episode, you'd probably enjoy reading it. I chose to remove my post there because it was her Rah!Team Caroline cheer and I didn't feel that disagreeing so strongly in that type of post was cool. So I'm posting it here.

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Damon & Elena06

And on the other end of the spectrum -- HAPPY TVD POST!

So, I was going through the list of songs that have played in the last few episodes and came upon the one that played at the top of "The End of the Affair" when Damon popped up in Elena's bed: Christina Perri's "Distance." I decided to check out the lyrics, and the first few lines were lovely, so I rewatched the scene to see how much we could hear them. Turns out we could hear the entire opening lyrics, and then ... the music kinda faded into regular background noise shortly after Elena pulled away from Damon. And I was like WHOAH! Because they essentially used an uber-romantic song that is about denying one's love for someone even though it so totally, totally is there for JUST Damon in Elena's bed, and her curling into him. We know from past interviews, that they do look at the intent, tone of the song to portray the scene, and that THIS SONG with THESE LYRICS was used over an uber-sweet Damon/Elena moment and very, very specifically over JUST that section of the scene just filled me with squee.

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And here is the scene with the lyrics, and it does totally cut off right before Stefan's name comes up. Uh huh.