May 14th, 2011


1.09 (History Repeating) / 2.09 (Katerina) icon batch

Here's the next batch of Vampire Diaries episode icons -- episodes nine from both seasons. (If you're new to my journal, just click on the icons tag and you'll get the earlier TVD icon posts.) These feature Damon, Elena, Caroline, Alaric, Stefan, Jeremy and Bonnie. Enjoy and feel free to take as many as you like, I just ask that you credit.

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Screencaps Source - Home of the Nutty
Damon & Elena12

Brief clip from TVD finale, "As I Lay Dying"

I keep rewatching this one bit over and over again, and I'm sure there are others who'd probably appreciate this section too. I edited it to just this part, and faded out the sound/image so it's all good. :)

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Sigh, I think I'm holding off on writing my TVD review because it's the last one for four months. WAH!

On the note of download links, is anyone interested in links to all the episodes of Ian's first television show, Young Americans? I have them all, and can put them up.
Arya & Gendry02

Quick TVD finale comment

I am feeling better now. I'm hoping that a night's rest will finish the icky.

Posting before bed because I couldn't get this out of my head. I read this review of The Vampire Diaries finale from the LA Times this morning and just couldn't get over one statement contained in it. I finally just hopped back over to the review and responded because I found the sentiment truly mind-boggling. Behind the cut is the quote, and my response. If anyone agrees (or, heck, disagrees) feel free to go on over and leave your two cents. Honestly, I read stuff like this and I'm like why the hell are idiot people like this allowed to write TV reviews for legitimate sources and I'm stuck. It just sucks.

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