February 6th, 2011


WOWZA!!! Oh, Matty!!

I'm sorry, but this deserved mention beyond Twitter. HOLY MOSES!! I WANT THIS ZACH ROERIG ON MY SCREEN!

WOWZA!!!! I mean, I'm not saying that Ian would have competition, but looking like this, Zach definitely zooms right up behind him in the hotness factor!! I'm in the minority, I suppose, in that other than Ian, I don't really find any of the guys particularly OMG!gorgeous, although charisma, talent and personality go a long way to making me love many of them so. On pure aesthetics, I can see the appeal, but personally, none of the others do anything for me. But if Zach/Matt looked this the above on the show!? Hell yeah, I'd sure as hell get HIS appeal!