December 28th, 2010

Arya & Gendry02

'The Hunger Games' Trilogy -- oh my heart!

So I got the first book from The Hunger Games trilogy from the library early on Thursday, Christmas Eve. I didn't begin reading it until mid-afternoon (after I'd gone to Barnes & Noble and spent $30 of the $50 gift card I had). 100 pages into the book, I looked up at my sister and said I really wished I had begun reading the book a few hours earlier. If I had, I would have bought the entire trilogy with that gift card because (a) there was no way these would not be books I wanted to read again and (b) there was no way I was going to wait until the next two books in the trilogy were available from the library. On December 26th, B&N was open; I used the rest of my gift card and my own money and purchased the trilogy. I finished the third book around 10 am December 27th. And bawled like a baby.

I really, really, really love these books. Collapse )